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Nachos at Beach Bums, Maa’alea Maui

Ever feel kinda funny when you get off the plane? Not sure if you’re hungry or thirsty? You probably need some Nachos. Luckily, Beach Bums is not far from the Maui airport, and happens to have the largest Pig smoker on the Island! A vacation twist on Nachos — fries covered with cheese, and topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, & sour cream, aloha.


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Longboard Beer, Wailea Maui, HI

The Island Lager

Kona Brewing Co.’s Longboard Lager is exceptionally smooth and pairs well with lighter fare (nachos).



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Nachos Poolside Marriott, Wailea Maui HI

It’s get’n HOT in here…

Too hot for Hawaiin nachos in the Maui sun though, stick to the fruity beverages poolside to cut the heat. Terri, our favorite poolside waitress, talked me into ordering the Kalua Pig nachos. The slow-cooked pork was melting under a drizzle of guac & sour cream…save this order for sunset cocktailing when the sun falls.

Nachos Wailea

Poolside Pork Nachos

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Nachos at Dog and Duck, Kihei Maui HI

Irish Nachos?

Great with a few scoops, a swalley, and a wee half! Who knew I would stumble upon Irish Nachos in Maui of all places. Dog & Duck is a local Irish Pub tucked in the beach town of Kihei, near Wailea on Maui. Their potatoe skins smothered in nacho toppings sure brought out the luck o the irish at trivia night. 

Irish Nachos

Maui Sunset

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Hair of the Dawg, Lahaina Maui HI

The Island Coffee

Sunrise boat launches don’t allow much time for coffee, so I had to improvise on our snorkel trip to Molokini. Maui Brewing Co.’s coconut porter did the trick, a local favorite of the Hawaiin Green Sea Turtles.

Coconut Porter

Snorkeling at Turtle Town

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Nachos at Brennecke’s Beach Broiler, Poipu Kauai HI

Pub Crawl U-Turn

Nachos are a mandatory stop on any good pub crawl. While in Kauai for the 2010 marathon, I led a group of runners on PCK (Pub Crawl Kua-eeeeeeeeeeee), and helped them carb-load for the big race. After trudging through the sandy shores of Poipu beach, stopping at 1 pub after another, we finally found Nachos at Brenneckes. While they were not quite as exhilirating as the Double Rainbow sighting, they added a lil spice to island life with their jalapeno topper!      

Brennecke's Kauai

Pupu Platter of Nachos

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Nachos at Leilani’s on the Beach, Maui

Second attempt at nachos in Maui was much more successful than the first.  If you’re in Ka’anapali, stop by Whaler’s Village and try the nachos at Leilani’s on the Beach.

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Nachos at Mai Tai, Lahaina, Maui

There’s nothing like a Maui sunset, a fruity drink, and a plate of nachos. Unless, of course, the nachos are made with won tons. Yuck! It’s just not the same without the tortilla chips. If you’re at Mai Tai in Lahaina, take a pass on the nachos. They’re nothing like the good stuff at home.

HOWEVER The fruity drinks rock.

Nachos at Mai Tai in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Nachos at Mai Tai in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

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