Nachos at Public House + Mijita, San Francisco CA

Even award-winning Chef Traci des Jardins knows how to prioritize nachos on the menu at her grand opening of 2 new restaurants at AT&T ballpark: Public House & Mijita. The former Acme Chophouse location has been transformed into an oversized sportsbar with a 78-keg wall separating the space. Traci has really hit a homerun, or should I say Splash Landing, with these amazing baked nachos! I was near tears when I discovered that the mess of SOB (South Of the Border) flavor was baked on top of a soft tortilla…her brilliant invention to roll-up the messy nacho scraps into a burrito was an unexpected surprise — Que Bueno! I also love that they treat locals to free beer tokens when the Giants are away…gotta keep warm in that San Francisco fog.

Traci des Jardins

Mijita Nachos

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