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Nachos at Pier 23, San Francisco CA

Nachitos are the Coronitas of Coronas

Pier 23 is a solid Dive bar, complete with sticky outdoor plastic furniture, dollar beers, and an unforgettable seaside stench — maybe that’s why the Sea Lions swam away? While you could hang out on their patio for hours enjoying buckets of beer, the thought of ordering food can be daunting. Stay away from the fry daddy and order the Nachitos. A simple, lighter choice that pairs well with Negro Modelo Especial.


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Nachos at Luna Park, San Francisco CA

Chilaquiles = AKA Breakfast Nachos

Do you ever find yourself zoning out at brunch, not quite sure what to order? Savory vs. Sweet? Well, at Luna Park, you can buy yourself some time to wake up by ordering the bottomless Mimosas. Head over to the Mission District and spice up your Morning with the ultimate combo: Chiaquiles + Stuffed French Toast. This authentic Mexican breakfast dish will leave you smiling at your lucky wine-charm, pondering the idea of Nachos for breakfast, lunch & dinner…que bueno.



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Nachos at The Brick Yard, San Francisco CA

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Pedro’s, otra vez. San Francisco, CA

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

My lucky night…while trying to establish my local residency at Pedro’s Cantina leading up to the World Series game-watches, their frantic waitstaff messed up and delivered not 1, but 2 plates of nachos! Conveniently, Pedro’s was also simultaneously hosting a beer-tasting event that evening, so I washed it all down with my favorite pint of the night: Moylan’s Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale from Novato, CA.     

Double Down

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Nachos at Pedro’s Cantina, San Francisco CA

Vote For Pedro 

Another bar near the ballpark means another plate of nachos for the hood! Luckily, Pedros has many delicious choices like Tacos, Quesadillas, & Tostada Salad because their nachos are just ok. While I do not recommend them as a pre-game choice, they do taste better post-game accompanied by a pitcher of BL Smooth to celebrate a Cubs win!    

Pre-game at Pedros

Nachos + BL Smooth

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Nachos at Public House + Mijita, San Francisco CA

Even award-winning Chef Traci des Jardins knows how to prioritize nachos on the menu at her grand opening of 2 new restaurants at AT&T ballpark: Public House & Mijita. The former Acme Chophouse location has been transformed into an oversized sportsbar with a 78-keg wall separating the space. Traci has really hit a homerun, or should I say Splash Landing, with these amazing baked nachos! I was near tears when I discovered that the mess of SOB (South Of the Border) flavor was baked on top of a soft tortilla…her brilliant invention to roll-up the messy nacho scraps into a burrito was an unexpected surprise — Que Bueno! I also love that they treat locals to free beer tokens when the Giants are away…gotta keep warm in that San Francisco fog.

Traci des Jardins

Mijita Nachos

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Nachos at AT&T Park, San Francisco CA

A night game in San Francisco means bundle up! Or snuggle-up to some ballpark nachos to keep warm. Mmmmm, nothing says Go Cubbies like a tray of chips smothered in velveta.

ballpark nachos

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Nachos at Pete’s Tavern, San Francisco CA

Nachos & PBR, a great combo. 

The closer you get to the ballpark, the messier the nachos — bring on the chili, these game-watches can be long for a social-sportsfan! Another favorite at Pete’s is the mini-corndogs, classic choice. If you are feeling touristy, head out to Haight-Ashbury for nachos at Askew Grill…they’re not on the menu, just ask for a secret order of the Baked Chicken Nachos.

chili cheese nachos

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Ode to a Cheeseburger

Is it so wrong to love cheeseburgers? All the food groups come together in a celebration of backyard barbecues and greasy diners. What’s not to love? Who cares about steak! Give me a cheeseburger every time.

And yes, I’ll take fries with that.

Cheeseburger and Fries

Cheeseburger and Fries

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Keep it Simple

There’s no need to get fancy when you’re having friends over for a drink and some munchies.  How about some fruit?  It pairs well with beer, and it’s easy to accessorize.

Fruit Party Bowl

Fruit Party Bowl

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