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Turkey Nachos

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Nachos at The Endless Summer Bar, Santa Barbara CA

You must order The Killer Nachos at this Seaside Bar! Luckily, I met some famous locals to share my Nachos with, because the menu reads: “Like a big day of surf, goin’ it alone could kill you!” Legend has it that at their Grand Opening, The Endless Summer was using Average bags of tortilla chips for their Killer Nachos, and ran out due to high demand! It was that night when they started making their own homemade tortilla chips, and I can tell you, they are Nachoaveragetraveler approved! Be sure to ask Mike for a pint of Firestone Amber with your Killer Nachos.


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Nachos at Beach Bums, Maa’alea Maui

Ever feel kinda funny when you get off the plane? Not sure if you’re hungry or thirsty? You probably need some Nachos. Luckily, Beach Bums is not far from the Maui airport, and happens to have the largest Pig smoker on the Island! A vacation twist on Nachos — fries covered with cheese, and topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, & sour cream, aloha.


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Nachos at Pier 23, San Francisco CA

Nachitos are the Coronitas of Coronas

Pier 23 is a solid Dive bar, complete with sticky outdoor plastic furniture, dollar beers, and an unforgettable seaside stench — maybe that’s why the Sea Lions swam away? While you could hang out on their patio for hours enjoying buckets of beer, the thought of ordering food can be daunting. Stay away from the fry daddy and order the Nachitos. A simple, lighter choice that pairs well with Negro Modelo Especial.


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Nachos at Luna Park, San Francisco CA

Chilaquiles = AKA Breakfast Nachos

Do you ever find yourself zoning out at brunch, not quite sure what to order? Savory vs. Sweet? Well, at Luna Park, you can buy yourself some time to wake up by ordering the bottomless Mimosas. Head over to the Mission District and spice up your Morning with the ultimate combo: Chiaquiles + Stuffed French Toast. This authentic Mexican breakfast dish will leave you smiling at your lucky wine-charm, pondering the idea of Nachos for breakfast, lunch & dinner…que bueno.



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Nachos in Half Moon Bay, CA

Surf’s Up

What’s better than getting called in to ride the biggest wave at Mavericks?! The nachos at Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. A hidden beachside firepit, a pint of mavericks amber ale, and a plate of classic nachos = 1 happy girl! If you’re in the mood for a lazy, sunny getaway, wind your way down Hwy 1 and settle in for sunset.

Half Moon Bay

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Nachos at La Playa, Pawley’s Island SC


Like many other nacho lovers, QuesoBill seems to be addicted. He was recently spotted at La Playa Restaurant in South Carolina, impressing some gorgeous brunette with this classic combo: nachos + margaritas. It doesn’t get much better than seaside nachos with live music nightly!

Seaside Nachos

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Nachos at Riverwalk Cafe, Stuart FL

Guest blogger QuesoBill joins our worldwide Nacho quest and shares his brilliant entry  all the way from sunny Florida! He stumbled upon Riverwalk Cafe where they serve Ahi tuna nachos with pinzo, chipotle, and wasabi Aioli — watch out! Keep in mind that the dinner rush in Florida is all about the ‘Early Bird Special’…as Jimmy Buffet says, “It’s 5-oclock Somewhere!”  

Ahi Tuna Nachos

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Nachos at The Brick Yard, San Francisco CA

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Nachos Poolside Marriott, Wailea Maui HI

It’s get’n HOT in here…

Too hot for Hawaiin nachos in the Maui sun though, stick to the fruity beverages poolside to cut the heat. Terri, our favorite poolside waitress, talked me into ordering the Kalua Pig nachos. The slow-cooked pork was melting under a drizzle of guac & sour cream…save this order for sunset cocktailing when the sun falls.

Nachos Wailea

Poolside Pork Nachos

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